21 Months

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You are now 21 months old. You are becoming such a big boy, its unreal. You are still quite the talker and repeat everything.

This past month been such a crazy handful but we are trying to embrace your rambunctious personality. because it definitely is awesome seeing you be so outgoing.

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Cardigan: The Anchor & Bows Boutique
You love coloring and painting. You love jumping and bikes.

We are trying to teach you to stop throwing since this has been a big thing you have done the past month. You also began hitting again, which we are not a fan of.

You love helping bring groceries in, feeding and walking the dogs. You are such a big helper.

We bought you a baby doll and you just love it. You are super loving and sweet. This month you have gotten really into cuddling too which is awesome.

Says "want it" when he sees something he wants.

Has used "I" which I thought was really cool.

You love going up and down our new stairs.

You just started telling us when you have a pee pee or poopy diaper but not all the time.

As far as size goes you are in 2T tops and still in 18 month pants, you have such a skinny little waist and broad shoulders, our little linebacker.

We love you little guy! You are so awesome, happy, sweet and funny. Everyone seems to just love your personality and smile. We are so proud of you and can't wait to see all the new things you do next month!

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