Saturday was such an awesome day.

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My dress: The Anchor & Bows Boutique, Cardigan: Old Navy
I got to spend the early afternoon with my cousins. It was my cousin Trina's baby shower for her baby girl Mckenna. Trina and I are only about 7 months apart and our boys are about the same age difference so it is really cool that she is having a little girl. Maybe this means we will be expecting another one soon to continue the trend? Ha, wishful thinking?
I must say, it was one of the most relaxing baby showers I have ever been too. It was more like a sprinkle, small, sweet and easy going. We all just basically hung out and talked, ate lunch and then she opened presents. She didn't want any games for this shower since it is her second baby and just wanted to relax. I had a really nice time. I can't wait to meet Miss Mckenna!

When I got home I was greeted by a super excited 21 month old screaming Mommy! Mommy! So cute. I rarely get that because I am usually the one home with Ace and so Daddy always gets the super excited greetings.

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Bran and I took Ace to an early-ish dinner. It was perfect. We went to Chili's and since it was fairly early everything was quick and easy going. No waiting for our little guy. That makes such a huge difference when eating out with a toddler. Ace was excellent. We brought some major reinforcements with us but only needed to pull out our crayons and coloring book because Ace was so excited about his chips and dip.
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Always going down the slide backwards
He also was talking to everyone and flirting a lot! We had sad right next to where the employees were dating breaks to eat so everyone kept coming over and complimenting his eyes and how funny he was. He is seriously the biggest flirt.

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After dinner we walked to the park. Ace is obsessed with ducks so it was cool to see one under the playground when we got there. I think it may have been a mama duck sitting on her eggs because it looked like she was guarding that spot hardcore. I am trying to teach Ace that we don't chase or bother ducks, just look at them. He did pretty well, only once he tried to get closer but he was really good about listening.

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When we were walking home Ace wanted to push his car. How big does he look?

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Something super cute Ace has been doing that I do not want to forget to post about is he sings the "Bad Boys" song. When our family friends watched Ace last week they were like we taught him to sing bad boys and now he goes "Bad, Bad Boys. Bad, Bad Boys!" I need to record it because it is so cute! He also sings Disney Junior! Ha!

That was our Saturday. I will write about Sunday later.

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