Weekend Rewind!

This past weekend was a great one. After being in the hospital I was ready for a good time with good friends.


On Friday Branden and I got some more unpacking done and got ready for my bestie and her family to come stay with us. He put together our new Leirvik bed frame from IKEA which I am obsessed with. Ace obviously is too.
Forgot to rotate this but Ace kept telling Daddy "kiss"

1 little monkey jumping on the bed! 

The kid is obsessed I tell you

We also got this Hemnes shoe cabinet from IKEA for the front door. I had been lusting over it for forever. I had first seen it on iHeartOrganzing and loved how it didn't look like your typical shoe holder. You can find it here, and I just love it.


Sydney was like my baby when he was born. I spent almost everyday with Katie and Sydney and was so attached to him. I still can not believe he is 13!

Saturday Katie, Sydney, his two friends and Tracy, Katie's wife all got here around 11 and we all hung out for a bit and then Ace took and nap and they headed out for awhile. After that we all got ready for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It was an early dinner so I was thinking it was going to be an easy one with Ace which it probably would have been had the restaurant not taken forever to get our food out. Overall it was a great time though.
Ace loving cake! 

Bran is such a big kid!

Branden cracks me up when he gets around Sydney, the two of them always have so much fun together. I love how he can be such a big kid.

After dinner we grabbed a few things from our old house and headed back to our new house and went to bed, nothing too exciting there.


Sunday Bran had to work and we all hung out before everyone had to leave. I was really bummed to see them go.

After Ace's nap we headed to Target so I could get a few items for some restaurant reinforcements (a post about this is coming very soon!). We got home and went on a walk around our neighborhood and to the park down the street and we got a lovely surprise, a beach! I had no idea there was a little beach on the lake right by the park. It was like a huge sandbox for Ace. I wish I had known so I could have brought his sand toys. We headed home and played on the back patio. Ace is getting quite good at blowing bubbles and using his sidewalk chalk.

After that we had an early dinner and just hung out inside till Daddy got home.

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