Weekend Rewind!

This past weekend was super busy but so much fun. Since I haven't posted much since last week I am starting on Thursday since I have some cute pictures from that day.

Thursday we went to our first Story Time at the Library near our new house. It wasn't too bad but the best part was seeing our friends Lindsay and Payton. Payton is just about the cutest thing ever. She also made me slightly jealous that Ace isn't a little more contained when we go out, ha!

 photo DSCN0159_zps8e1d86e7.jpg photo DSCN0160_zpse5ec2d58.jpg
How cute are these two together? First Payton gave Ace a huge and he was like what is going on here? Then he gave her one and she was way too into her stickers to care.

Friday my friend Anna came down to visit. She is ah-mah-zing! Probably one of my most favorite people ever. She moved to NYC when I moved to Tampa and so whenever we can get together is always a fun time. We went to surprise my sister since she didn't know Anna was coming down and just had a great day.

 photo DSCN0216_zpsef299c64.jpg photo DSCN0215_zpsc20ad71b.jpg
The dogs and Ace were obsessed with her!
Later on that night my sister took Ace so Bran and I could have a date night.
 photo 14072_10101148918140855_89105482_n-1_zpsb9c002af.jpg 
Bran gave me a kiss and Ace came over and grabbed onto me. He is so sweet.

Saturday wasn't too exciting because Bran worked but later that night we had to put up a gate on the stairs and Ace got his tools and helped Bran put it up. Talk about cute, right? BTW don't mind our stairs, they are bare right now since we have to get flooring on them.
 photo DSCN0229_zps3bb1485c.jpg photo DSCN0227_zps8a2a1323.jpg photo DSCN0228_zpsbed22d37.jpg

Sunday we went to a Bar-B-Q at my sister's house and Ace loved the pool with all the kids and my brother and his family came and Ace and his cousin Gavin are just under 3 months apart so it was super cute seeing them together. 
 photo DSCN0276_zps858290cf.jpg photo DSCN0267_zps56103cc8.jpg photo DSCN0262_zps29470be9.jpg photo DSCN0250_zps58033af0.jpg photo DSCN0240_zpsd016106a.jpg

And how cute is this picture? He only has eyes for his cousin Brianna, every time he sees her he runs straight for her.
 photo DSCN0254_zps504f3161.jpg
That was our weekend in a nutshell. How was everyone else's? Do anything exciting?

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