22 Months Old

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This past month has been a big one for you. You are saying so many more words together that it really surprised me. You have always been a talker but this month hearing you put words together to make your own little sentences really makes me realize you are no longer a baby but a little boy.

 photo 247129_10101786215207251_1227226781_n_zps4d7c73d0.jpg You are also so rambunctious. If there was one word to describe you that would be it. You are so busy and all over the place. You love to play, explore and entertain. You love saying hi to anyone and everyone.
You did the cutest thing. We have to attach the dogs to the leash so they can run around the backyard on their own so we have the least by the sliding door, you grabbed the end of the leash and Simon's collar and since he wouldn't get up you kept saying "Go Baby, go Baby!" It was adorable!

Some things you do now...

Puts cups in the dishwasher.

Helps Mommy feed the dogs and put their bowls away.
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Is obsessed with his doggy bike.

Says "Ready to go." when we are going somewhere.

Signs "more" and says "more, again" when he wants to do something over and over again.
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Says "there she is" whenever he sees something or we find someone or something we were looking for.

Says gooshie when he snuggles with his blankets.

Says "got you" for tickling and asks to play "got you" all the time. Also says "I got you" when he hugs us or we hold him.

Tells us when he has a dirty diaper and likes to sit on the potty but hasn't actually gone on the potty, we are holding off on real potty training till the Fall.

Newest sign is broken.

You can count to 3.

We love you bug! You are incredible and so smart and growing so fast. In 2 months you will be 2 years old!

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