4 Tips on How to Get Free Citrus Lane Boxes!

You asked and here is how you too can get FREE Citrus Lane boxes each month.

I am not getting paid for this story, this has been my experience and it has worked for me. The only way I am "compensated" for this is through a referral link which I talk about below.

Here is my story...

I found out about Citrus Lane on another bloggers page. I thought it was a cute idea but wasn't sure I wanted to pay $25 a month for a surprise package. What if Ace didn't like the items?

After a couple of months I found a discount code and decided to try it out. After signing up I saw that you can refer friends and when you do so you get $10 and so do they! Can't beat that.

I began posting pictures and reviews of my Citrus Lane boxes on my blog. Sometimes I would forget but whenever I did post about it I would always offer my referral link to those who wanted to sign up.

As I continued to do this I noticed a big inflow of referrals. I also announced coupon codes whenever Citrus Lane announced them and again referred people via my referral link to the site.

I have never paid full price for one of my Citrus Lane boxes and have only paid a small portion for 2 boxes. I now have a good amount of credits towards future boxes and I try to be very honest on here or my Facebook page when I review the boxes.

Last month was not my favorite month but this month I love the box. This has happened before, some months aren't great and other months totally make up for the not so great one. The best part is I don't have to pay for these boxes so it's not like I am losing anything.

How can you get free Citrus Lane boxes? Here are my tips!

1. Subscribe! Every month Citrus Lane offers a discount code. The most popular is TAKEHALF. This code lets you get a box for half off and even if the box isn't that spectacular the price really is worth it and you will probably have a few items you really like, if not you can always give the items to a friend, donate or offer them as a giveaway if you are a blogger.

2. Tell your friends. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram make sure to take a picture of your box or little one playing with the items from the box and link to the site with your referral link. I have had friends say "I am totally going to order that" and I say awesome please use my link so we can both get a discount. Everyone benefits!

3. Share Savings. Every month Citrus Lane has a coupon code for their boxes and I usually get emails or see these savings on their Facebook page. Every time I see them I try to share these savings codes because I know I wasn't ready to take such a big leap on something I wasn't too sure about unless I was getting a discount. This may be the way to get your friends and family members to order their first box!

4. Blog about it! The blogging world has been pretty awesome to me. I have been able to get many items for free just from telling people what I like. Citrus Lane has been one of my most favorite things to talk about when it comes to fun gifts for my son. Each month it is something different and it's fun to get a "present" in the mail. Even if you don't like something tell people about it, they may see an item that you don't like but they may love it or the idea of the monthly surprise box and want to get it. Just make sure to be honest.

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  1. I've always been interested in Citrus Lane. I was going to contact them and see if I can do a giveaway for them. However... I like this too! Thanks for sharing this. New fan from Jellibean Journals!

    The Wondering Brain

  2. Following you from the TGIF Blog Hop! Nice to meet you! Please consider following me back if you like what you see :)

  3. What a great idea! I didn't even know about this company until now. I a real fan of taking advantage of discounts and offers, so if I lived in the US, I'd be happy to help you out with a referral.


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