Hello Monday...

Hello Monday,

Hello to a weekend full of fun with family.We spent Sunday celebrating the Baptism of my niece and nephews. Branden and I had the honor of being my youngest nephew Gavin's God Parents.
 photo 600957_10101779458597551_1955071217_n_zpsa18b95ef.jpg
Hello to two adorable cousins, less than three months apart and growing up being best buds.

 photo 936828_10101779463358011_349071371_n_zps47114dc0.jpg

Hello to a cute sleepy cake face.
 photo DSCN0802_zpsf1fc89ae.jpg

Hello to finally meeting a fabulous friend of 2 years in person.

 photo 249090_10200953580500157_1965409790_n_zps30889b1e.jpg
Hello to fishbowls...

 photo 229723_10101773075958411_1030155212_n_zps9da0a39a.jpg photo 922716_10200963757034564_50831831_n_zpse0be60cb.jpg

the Elbo Room...
 photo 942027_10200953851546933_1180025178_n_zpseec37ed3.jpg

 and a rainy night watching TV.

 photo 298147_10200963835876535_1399892794_n_zps8b491b2a.jpg

What are you saying hello to today?

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  1. Well hello my friend! I did not even see I made your blog!!! HOLLA! Can't wait for my next trip!


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