photo 390958_10101834468078111_938072002_n_zps3d2fe56c.jpgIf you follow me on Facebook then you probably know Branden's step father, Herman passed away. We are so heartbroken to have lost such an incredible man.

Herman was the type of man who loved to tell us stories about when he was younger and traveling. He also loved to work out in their cabin and built my mother-in-law the most beautiful room in it. It has this adorable shabby chic feel and when I saw it I was so amazed at his talent.

We have been so blessed to have been able to spend Ace's first Thanksgiving with them, last Christmas and countless other times through our family trips. We really cherished our time with them and I especially cherish the last time we saw them in December. It was right after my parents had passed and it just meant so much to me that they had driven down here from TN to be with us during an extremely difficult time. It was also the last time my son would get to see his other grandfather.

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I think that is what makes me the most upset about these losses. The loss is huge for our family but the kids are the ones who truly miss out. Ace being less than 2 has lost 3 grandparents within 6 months. How unfair is that? He lost 3 people that had so much to teach him, share with him and they all had so much love for him.

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One of my most favorite memories of Herman was when we went to TN for Ace's first Thanksgiving. We went up to a cabin in the mountains and spent the day in Gatlinburg. On our drive back up the mountain I may have been slightly freaked out and Herman and I were in the back with Ace. He always had a smile on his face and he seriously could put anyone at ease with his sweet voice. He had his hand on Ace's carseat and was playing with his hand and Ace just grabbed his hand and held on tight. I took a picture because it was just one of those moments you have to capture.

Cherish those you love because what we have learned is it changes in an instant and they can be gone like that.

Rest in Peace sweet Herman, we will miss you so much.

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