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The other night I was online and saw someone asking for help for her friend's 10 year old daughter who had about two weeks to live. My heart instantly sank and I read that her friend's daughter was suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and due to a late diagnosis and lack of available lung donations for children under 12 she was in a desperate state. This little girl, Sarah, has been on the transplant list for 18 months and because she is 2 years under the age to receive an older donors lung she has such a small chance at actually receiving the lung she so desperately needs!
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I beg of you! This takes 1 minute of your time and could save not only this little girl's life but the lives of other children who can benefit from this. I keep thinking what if this were my child? I would want the word to be spread and for everyone to help make a difference so my child had a chance at life. This little girl has 3 siblings and two incredible parents, this will not only affect this little girl's life but the lives of her family and friends.
Please help this innocent child get a lung transplant! Sign now!

For more information visit the petition page or read below.

According to "Based on a 2000 ruling by the US Department of Health and Human 
Services, which mandated that organ allocation policies must be based on medical necessity rather than waiting time, OPTN implemented a new allocation system based on the severity of a patient's illness (the Lung Allocation Score, or LAS), rather than the amount of time served on the wait list in 2005. This reduced the number of deaths among patients awaiting lung transplant, ensured lungs were allocated to those with less stable diagnoses, and dramatically reduced the average wait time from over two years, and reduced the wait list by half. This new approach only applied to patients over the age of 12.
This approach was not extended to children. Despite the fact that many pediatric patients can use a partial lobar transplant from an adult donor, these young patients are only offered adult donor lungs after all adult patients, regardless of the severity of the child's illness. While Sarah has an LAS score over 60, which would normally place her as the highest priority for her blood type in region, all adults in region with her blood type will be offered the lungs first, even those with more stable diagnoses and lower LAS scores. Sarah will only be offered adult lungs if no adult candidates accept the organ."

This little girl does not deserve to die because she is below this age range. Please help her family get the signatures they need to get this little girl a chance at life. 

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