Ok so normally for me Friday's are just like any other day. Weekends are usually when Bran works and I am home alone with Ace. Not this weekend though! Tonight Ace is with my cousins and Branden and I are heading to the Tim McGraw concert. Can I get a heck yeah?

Tomorrow is my sisters house warming party so we will actually have another night just the two of us and then Sunday is Mother's Day!

Since no post is complete without pictures I made a couple of photo collages on my phone from earlier this week.
 photo PhotoGrid_1367954033412_zps1f2c3600.jpg

Ace sitting on Tanner (a daily occurrence) and putting his "kiki" on Tanner and telling him to go "night, night". Poor Tanner

 photo PhotoGrid_1368217046759_zps642905fc.jpg

Lunch with Aunt Ashley. Painting in our jammies. Pushing Mommies laptop charger in his firetruck. Wearing Uncle Daniel's shoes. Helping Mommy stir mac and cheese, no it was not on a hot burner.

For those who have asked about Ace's easel it is the 4-in-1 Flipping Tabletop Easel.

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