Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday Ya'll!
We had such a busy weekend it just flew by.

First of all I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day. I had some mixed emotions going into it since it was my first without my Mom but it ended up being a really special day with my guys.
 photo 943478_10101793269784821_64611854_n_zpsb5de2314.jpg
My Mother's Day Shopping Spree Clothes
Pants. Shirt Similar.
Branden got up with Ace and made me breakfast. I was able to get ready in peace which was so nice!
 photo 970374_10101793744767951_544993391_n_zps7c30bed8.jpg
Ace watering the flowers with his sippy
Ace's Shirt J.Crew sold out, similar Here
We went to my parents' and grandparents' graves and then had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We came home and put Ace down for a nap then headed to Menchies, which is like my total fave right now.
 photo 941817_10101794129432081_1164626279_n_zpsbdfdb60d.jpg
After that we headed to my cousins and I went to see The Big Wedding with my cousins Kayla and Teresa while the guys hung out at home. It was such a funny movie. Definitely worth seeing with girlfriends.
 photo 923170_10101790051060171_2101865110_n_zpsb37e7ba5.jpgAfter that we had dinner and just hung out at their house. Overall I really enjoyed it.

Rewind to Friday, we went to the Tim McGraw concert which was ah-mah-zing! Bran and I met up with some friends and relaxed on the lawn and just listened to the music. It was nice to have a night away.

Saturday was my sister's housewarming party. It was so much fun. We had a babysitter so we could really enjoy ourselves and I got so see some old friends and make new ones.

 photo 941981_4943053777754_468958001_n_zps9bc6b0ca.jpg
My sister and me with my new friend Jeremy
I hope everyone else had as great of a weekend as I did. I think things are going to finally start slowing down. It has been a busy month or so for us!

What did you do for Mother's Day?

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