Trendy Tot Tuesday

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When we were in Michigan it was cold for us Floridians so we got to get some good wear out of a lot of Ace's long sleeved t's and fun skinny jeans. I seriously love dressing this boy.
Trendy Tot photo DSCN1255_zps83234d85.jpg
Hat:Similar, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Similar, Shoes: WalMart

Trendy Tot photo DSCN1113_zps858bd10d.jpg
Pants: H&M 
Trendy Tot photo DSCN1531_zps8ca80887.jpg
Sweater, Pants: Gap, Similar
Trendy Tot photo DSCN1457_zpsae93f0fa.jpg
Skinnies: H&M, Sweater
Trendy Tot photo DSCN1463_zps1426001f.jpg
Sweater: The Anchor & Bows Boutique

Trendy Tot photo DSCN1128_zps789fcea4.jpg
Jacket: Target


  1. Love the first shirt with the cape and the dinosaur hoodie! So cute!

  2. Love the cape and the last hoodie with the dinosaur! I love a little boy in a hat too! He is precious! Hope you brought some sunshine to us up north!

  3. ahh! this weather looks so refreshing as I sit here in SC humidity! I am in love with hoodies on little ones-you have such a cutie! thanks for linking up!


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