Getting Healthy: Week 1 + a Giveaway!

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I think I can, I think I can! 
 Last week I was awesome with my work outs only missing the gym Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday though we did yard work so that was my work out for those days. Saturday I was cleaning and hung with my bestie for the day.
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Diet wise I wasn't horrible but I wasn't great either. This week I need to work on my diet. My friend Erin is majorly pushing me which is helping.

I am chugging water like there is no tomorrow though. I love water so this has been super easy for me. I just keep my Camel Back by me and full all day so there are no excuses. I think I would not be drinking as much water if I didn't have the Camel Back that is for sure.

Now onto something awesome for you all! Here is a giveaway to a great site called W8-Club. It is the Mom's dream to working out. They have great videos that you can watch at home when your little one is napping or even just playing in the room. My favorite is the Yoga video. The giveaway is for a LIFETIME membership to the site! Nice, right? 

Other awesome features from W8-Club is the Super Tracker, this is a great tool to help you track your weight and food intake. This is the perfect site for busy Moms on the go!

If you want to check it out use this 50% off coupon code: w850413
Check them out now! 

Super simple entries and lots of opportunities to enter. 

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