Gymnastics Medal!

Today was Ace's 2nd to last class of his gymnastics summer session so they handed out gold medals to all the kids in his class. It was so cute. These pictures are from my phone and blurry but my friend got better ones so whenever I get a copy of those I will post but his face in the first one was too cute not to post.
gymnastics photo IMAG0787_zps0dee2ff4.jpg
gymnastics photo IMAG0784_zps582aceca.jpg
gymnastics photo IMG_20130731_112901_zps298de81d.jpg

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  1. Ahhh, that is so cute! I hope G gets a medal at the end of hers, I love that idea, and he is so happy!!

  2. Too cute! Just found your blog and realized you had an Ace too! Mine is short for Aeson but we call him Ace or Ace man :)

    Kayla, NGF ;)


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