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Happy Monday Everyone! 
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Today would have been my Mom's 60th birthday. I can't believe neither of my parents made it to 60. It sucks to really think about how short their lives were and how much they are going to miss.

I know today we would have spent the day with my parents in the pool. I spent so much of my life hanging out in the pool with my parents talking about life. It's probably some of my favorite memories.

So what better way to honor my Mom and my Dad as well by starting a healthier lifestyle. I have decided to start tracking my work outs, calories and healthy lifestyle choices on my blog because I need something to hold my accountable. I want to be able to be healthier than my parents because had they made better choices I know they still would have been here.

So far I have been doing pretty good with my work outs. I have been going everyday except Saturday since I had to get ready for a family get together at my house.

Diet wise I need to make some changes. That is where I have struggled since my pregnancy with Ace. I craved so much crap food with him that I just continued the trend after I had him, then losing my parents I just didn't care as much.

So here I go. Onto a mission to be healthy for myself, my son, my husband and my parents. It was something my Dad and I had talked about doing when my Mom was dying and he never got the chance to be better so here it is, my vow to do it!

I will check in I think on either Friday or Monday on what I have been doing so if anyone else wants to join me in my quest to get healthy feel free to comment and we can do a weekly check in together!

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  1. So sorry about your parents, way too young:( Great decision on your part! I started a healthy journey in January (I am getting close to 60) and it has made a complete change is my attitude and just enjoying life!! I am so glad I did:))
    Just dropping in to follow via GFC from the GFC Hop!

    @ My Turn for us

    PS Here is my first post on my healthy journey:))


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