Throw Back Thursday! MUSIC!

For todays TBT I am writing about all my favorite bands and groups growing up. I got the idea from Liv, Laugh, Love's challenge of the day which is Music!

Ok so if you are a girl and grew up in the late 80's and 90's these might be some of your favorites as well!

 photo 1373404706-hanson_mmmbop-414439173b_zps250aa3d3.jpg 

Ok, I know, I am such a dork but I loved me some Hanson. I mean MMBOP was my jam! I may or may not have also had their Christmas CD :-x
 photo vibe-vixen-TLC_zpsa3805681.jpg

TLC was one of my favorite girl groups. My sister and I would play our TLC CD in the front yard and pretend to be them in "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls". Looking back I wonder what people must have been thinking driving by seeing these two weird little girls singing and dancing in their front yard. 

 photo buffyalbum_zps417385dd.jpg

This one makes me laugh because we play the crap out of the Buffy and the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack. Did anyone besides us have this? 

 photo no_doubt_-_tragic_kingdom_zps0416a774.jpg 

Now I know you all had this CD! I mean who didn't love a good No Doubt CD on Spring Break in middle school? I will never forget seeing them perform Spiderwebs on MTV's Spring Break and thinking Gwen Stefani was the coolest chic ever! 

 photo summergirlslfo_zps15812a79.jpg 

Oh LFO, you were my designated Fall CD. I still to this day play LFO when Fall starts. It will forever remind me of my sister getting her Kia Sportage and us driving around with the top down jamming out to Girl on TV

 photo aerosmith_zpsda3baf59.jpg 

This one should be no surprise. If you lived through the 80s, 90's and even now you have to be a fan of Aerosmith. If you aren't then I feel sorry for you because you are truly missing out. Their music videos were on  constantly when I was a kid. I remember thinking Alicia Silverstone was the most beautiful girl ever whenever she was in one of their many music videos. 

 photo newkids_narrowweb__300x4250_zps2f6fa6ca.jpg

Saving the best for last but come on, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK were the bomb! Their cheesy rat tails, their awesome dance moves, and telling kids "Don't do drugs" at their concets, whats not to love? 

My sister and I got to go to their concert when we were 8 and 9 I think. My Mom got us tickets for my sisters birthday and we were so excited. Her party was New Kids on the Block theme and if I can find the pictures I will post them because they are epic! Everyone was dressed in their best NKOTB shirt. We also had the dolls, cartoons (please tell me you remember their cartoon!) and basically anything else NKOTB worthy. 

So what was your favorite bands, musicians and groups when you were growing up? 

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