Throw Back Thursday!

It's Throw Back Thursday! I am doing something a little different and going to name my favorite movies from when I was a kid. I mean who doesn't love a good old movie, amiright?

5. Josie and the Pussycats...My best friend and I saw this in the theater and thought it was complete crap then it kept replaying on Encore years later and I seriously fell in love with the stupidity of this movie. Parker Posey is hilarious and Tara Reid was actually cute in this one. If you hated it the first time definitely try to re-watch it, it's worth it for the laughs.

4. Fools Rush In... Back in the day when Friends was my life I had a HUGE crush on Matthew Perry and an obsession with Vegas so this movie was made for me. I am sure this movie wasn't a big hit but I liked it and its a romantic comedy so if you are ever feel like laying on the couch with a big comfy blanket all by your lonesome this movie is a good one to watch.

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3. Clueless...Not number 1, what?! I know, I know but trust me this was a tough one. Clueless was my all time favorite movie when I was younger. My sister even dressed like Cher so I basically had my own Cher doll at home. I love how this is a movie you watch years later and actually understand over half the things they are talking about because when it came out I was 11. That was 18 years ago, scary! I can still watch this movie over and over again and never get bored with it.

2. Mean Girls...Another girl movie I can watch over and over and sadly quote. I think this movie would be #1 if my #1 didn't include Ryan Reynolds. Anyway who doesn't love Mean Girls? I mean come on, Lindsay Lohan (pre...everything), Tina Fey (hilarious!), Amanda Seyfried (so adorable) and of course who can forget the ever popular Regina George, I mean Rachel McAdams. I can't even handle how awesome the cast was in this one. The girls were funny and beautiful, how can you go wrong? And am I the only one who feels like it was not almost 10 years ago that this came out? Seriously, it came out 2004, so weird!

1. Just Friends!!! DING DING DING, we have a winner. Ok so who can blame me for putting a movie Ryan Reynolds is in at number 1? This movie has by far been my all time favorite. When I saw it in the theater, I think it was Thanksgiving, I remember the whole theater laughing non-stop. I mean the relationship between him and his brother in the movie killed it. Anna Farris? A comedy genius! I love her in this movie. My friend Jimmy and I used to sit on the couch at my parents house and quote this movie word for word and drive me Mom nuts (and by nuts I mean make her laugh and say "do you guys seriously know all the words and have to quote them every time you watch this movie?" because we were so weird but whatevs). And apparently when Anna Farris says "my sidekick broke" this reminds quite a few people of me since I had like every sidekick and was scary attached to them.

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  1. Ah, totally agreeing with #3 & #2 (Ryan Reynolds anything is my favorite). I swear if anyone ever tries to remake Clueless or Mean Girls I will lose it, such classics!


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