A little update & a belly pic

Hey, girl, hey!

So first of all I want to apologize for our incredibly ridiculous my blog looks right now. Apparently I have had so many visitors this month and used up all the bandwidth I had with Photobucket and they turned my page into a hot mess. It will go back to normal on the 20th.

Anyway things around here are pretty uneventful now that we are done with our home study and just waiting on Ashlyn to be born. Bran and I fly out to California on Friday to wait for her arrival so lets hope she doesn't take too long. I am slightly freaking out about leaving Ace for too long. I have never been away from him longer than 3 days and that was for the Bloggy Conference I went to last month. He was home with Branden so it wasn't too bad for me to leave him.
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This time though, we won't know how long we will be stuck in Cali. I am hoping the process is quick so we aren't away from home with a newborn too. That is going to be difficult I think. Oh well, once we get back here I think everything will be pretty awesome. I can't wait to see Ace with his baby sister.

As far as my pregnancy is going, it was a nightmare in the beginning but now things are good. I was so sick all day long. It was the complete opposite of Ace's pregnancy. I also got a belly almost instantly. With Ace I barely was showing at 22 weeks and I am already bigger than I was then. Need proof? Here you go!

We went to the pumpkin patch again yesterday with Acey's friends. We do that every year and this year was really funny because now that all the kids are 2 they really have a mind of their own when it comes to pictures. I will post pictures tomorrow since I am waiting to see if my friend got a good one of us with the kids. Check out my post from last year, HERE, to see the past two years of pictures. So crazy how much they have changed.

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