Honey, We're Home!

Happy Halloween!

Miss me?

We are finally home! I am so happy to be able to have my family of four together at last.
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Ace's first time seeing his baby sister
Ace loves his baby sister, it is so sweet. I love how in love he is with her. He calls her "baby sister" most of the time but is not using her name more often.

 photo 935978_10102246236715461_11428809_n_zpsfd899f2f.jpg
He wanted to hold Ashlyn while watching Dora
When we picked him up from school yesterday we had to go to Target and when Bran put her in the stroller he had to push her. He actually got upset when I went to hold his hand and said "No! Baby sister!"

We also have had family come by and meet Ashlyn. Everyone loves her so much. I wondered if it would be different since she was adopted or she was the second baby so it wasn't as exciting or something, I don't know why but I just did. I think it's that protective thing, where you don't want anyone to treat your child differently no matter what the reason could be. Everyone has been incredible to her.

 photo 1002566_10102244310765081_1130825178_n_zps5ec3b72a.jpg
Ashlyn is such an incredible baby too. She has her moments where she can be totally pissed but they are basically only when she is hungry and we are trying to get her bottle to her. Overall though she is really content just hanging out being held. Her favorite spot is Daddy's chest. I see her being a total Daddy's Girl.

 photo 1383322_10102211921842741_1059333747_n_zps0c470b00.jpg
Bran hold his baby girl!
It is sweet seeing Branden with her. He has a very natural instinct when it comes to babies. With Ace I was surprised at how easy it was for him to just change a diaper, get up and deal with things like it was nothing. I get more nervous when they are so tiny and changing their diapers cause they get so upset but he just gets it done. He is the same way with Ashlyn, just takes it all in and gets it done without thinking. Doesn't get nervous or hesitate. I love that about him so much. He also is able to help me more with feedings since I am obviously not breastfeeding her so that really helps with sleep.

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