I suck lately!

Before I start I just saw this deal on Christmas cards on Zulily. I have been searching for a good deal and got sick of looking and just randomly saw this one. $19.99 for 50 cards, they also have deals for 75 and 100 cards. Check it out HERE. Ok back to blogging...

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I must say I really suck at this blogging thing lately.

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Ashlyn's first smiles on Thanksgiving
I swear one day I will get better, one day.

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Having two littles has been crazy. First of all a 2 year old and an infant is not always the best combination. Ace loves Ashlyn, sounds great, right?

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Well, it is until he wants to hold her and then tries to shove her off of him when he's "all done" then if she is in her Mamaroo he sometimes goes over and puts his arms on either side of her and shakes it back and forth, at least he isn't still trying to pick her up.
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Then there is a little disaster I call my husband. I am extremely fortunate when it comes to having a husband who helps me with the house, kids and cleaning. I swear one day I am going to go to work full time and let him be the stay at home Dad because he will get more done than I ever could.
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Anyway so he had an accident when pressure washing my uncle's roof and he busted his nose and hit his leg on a flower bed. It looked awful but the guy he is just ignored it and said it was fine. Then he went camping and his leg got infected from the lake. UGH! Talk about a nightmare. He went to the Urgent Care Tuesday night and got some strong antibiotics but they said to go to the ER if anything got worse and worse it got. The next night he told me he had two black spots on his leg so I made him go to the ER and they said he needed to be admitted. He spent Thanksgiving in a hospital bed. Such a bummer. I went there in the morning but he told me to go to my brothers and enjoy the day. I think he was happy to get to spend the day watching football, ha!
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He got released at 10:30 and has had to have his leg elevated ever since. Today he has been able to do some things here and there but overall he needs to keep it up. I swear in a lot of ways I feel like a single Mom because I had a toddler wanting my attention and a newborn who needs it constantly. I feel for my son the most because he is still getting used to having a baby sister and all the attention she needs. I hate that Branden and I can't split it as easily as we were at first. I really noticed some major acting out on Thanksgiving and it really upset me. I know eventually it will pass but I just want to be able to give him more one on one time but it's hard when I don't have my partner in crime able to pick up the slack or take Ashlyn while I do something with him.

Anyone else have trouble with their toddler acting out when a new sibling came along?

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  1. My two year old is really challenging when it comes to the new baby. He is definitely intrigued and loves her, but he has raging jealousy as soon as I start to nurse her. He frequently hits her, pinches her, pulls her hair, and yes-he bothers the mamaroo! Funny thing is, my oldest was also 2 when his brother was born and I don't remember him acting like this with him. I hope it gets better soon!


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