Christmas Show!

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Yesterday was Ace's Christmas show at school. It was too cute. We got there and all the kids were sitting in their little chairs and as the parents went in some of the poor babies started losing it. I mean red faces, tears streaming, arms out stretched for their parents. It was the saddest but thankfully Ace didn't do that. He wanted to come to me when he saw me but then his teacher had him sit down and he didn't cry. I was so glad he didn't get upset because I know it was heart breaking for the parents who had little ones crying.

After a bit they started their songs and jingle bells was so stinking cute. He had been singing it for weeks and kept telling us how he gets to hold a bell. He actually didn't end up singing but did jingle the bell and at the end stood up and cheered. He was the only one so not sure if he was supposed to or not, ha!
After that the teacher had us come sit with them and they sang frosty and then got up and walked around the Christmas tree singing Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. After that they had snacks and got a present from their teacher.
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He did so well up until his one teacher was taking him outside then he freaked out. I mean hard core. I felt so horrible.

After we left we went to pick up Ashlyn from my sister in laws house and hung out there for a bit. The rest of the day wasn't too exciting.
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Today we have a post placement meeting, we have to have them once a month till Ashlyn's adoption is finalized. We love our social worker so its always fun to see her.

After that we are heading to the park to meet up with some of our favorite people! The rest of the week is getting busy too. I am wondering when things will finally slow down.

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