Thank You Mom!

This day last year my Mom passed away. I remember so many small details of that day that will forever stay in my head. The most stand out part of that day was when I was leaving the hospital with Adonis to take him home and I held him over her and she had been sleeping when I told her Adonis loved her I remember her turning her head and trying to really look at him. It was like she knew it'd be the last time. I could feel it. I could feel her pain. She moaned as if to say she loved him. It killed me. I wanted to stay there with him forever. I wanted to let her have that moment as long as possible but I knew I couldn't.
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Adonis always looking for Grandma
Those two had such a connection. My Mom was the perfect Grandma to him. She saw him everyday and helped me when I was tutoring kids and he loved that time with her. She was the first person he would smile at. He always got so excited when he saw my Mom. That relationship between them was one of the most amazing things for me to see. It made my Mom and I closer too. I remember when Adonis was just a couple months old and my Mom and I would go shopping or out to lunch and I told her how much closer being a mother made me to her. I knew what her love was for us and couldn't understand it till I had him. I could never understand the sacrifice or fear you have for your child. I could never understand the love or happiness. She sacrificed so much for us and was such a great Mom.

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One of my favorite pictures of my Mom with my brother, sister and myself. Disney! 
She was that Mom who was kind. She never wanted anyone to feel left out or hurt when our friends were over. She always tried to make things fun for us. She took us to Disney when my Dad had conferences in Orlando and it was some of mine and Ashley's best times with her. I will never forget her buying us the Mickey ice creams in Epcot and just letting us having fun. She tried to let us always be who we were, didn't judge and when we were upset she was there. We could all call her crying and she knew just what to say. She was so many things I hope to be to my kids. She wasn't perfect, she wasn't the best cook but she threw the best parties and we always had the best sleepovers. She made life fun for us. Her and my Dad gave us so much and I am incredibly grateful for that.

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Birthday dinner for Dad, Grandpa and Me when I was 18
When Branden and I had to be interviewed for our home study the social worker asked us about our childhoods. They were so different in a good way. I remember feeling so proud of how my parents were with us. They were fun, loving and positive. We got to experience so many different places, we were truly loved and cared for and my parents always taught us to think about others. They wanted us to be better than they were. We got to grow up being kids. My Mom was a huge part of this. She grew up in such a different way. She didn't have a lot and had a lot of heartache and wanted better for us. She tried to make everything special for us. Birthdays were the best, holidays were magical and vacations were always fun.
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Our last Festival of the Green Pig with the entire family
I can never tell my parents this now. I think over the years I have told them this but it's different now. I feel it's so much more important to get this out. To show all the good that came from them because they deserve to be recognized for that. We weren't raised to be perfect. We were raised to be good people. We were raised to love and be happy. My parents taught me so much and I appreciate so much of what they did. I love you both!

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