Ashlyn 3 Months Old!

Ashlyn turned 3 months old on the 18th and she has been changing so much.
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First she has started really laughing and smiling at us. She would do it before but not easily. She has really started finding things funny.

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She also has incredible neck and back control. Ace was nothing like that when he was 3 months old. Or at least I don't remember him being this sturdy yet. She has started using the Bumbo to help with some slight flat headedness she has going on. Poor girl. Her doctor said its from the way we hold her and I guess we favored one arm over the other when we held and fed her. I am guessing this doesn't happen as easily with breastfed babies because you always are switching breasts but when you bottle feed you just stick with whats comfortable. We are working on it so we will see how it goes.

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She sleeps really well through the night. She gets up around 5 for a bottle then sleeps till about 7:30/8:30 has another bottle and we sleep in till 10:30 usually. She has her last bottle of the night around 11 so it's been nice for me to get extra sleep before Everly gets here.
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Ashlyn has been grasping toys and tries to bring them to her mouth. She also loves sucking on her fingers too.

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I almost got the laugh on camera! Stubborn girl! 
The newest and funniest thing is she has found her voice. Last night she was "talking" so much. It was cracking me up. She just played with her hands and was making the cutest noises. This girl!

Wearing: 3-6 Month clothes
Diapers: Size 2
Eating: 4-6 ozs every 3-4 hours
She is just the greatest!

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