My Pregnancy with Everly

I feel like I have completely failed at keeping track of this pregnancy.

Poor Everly, she is going to have major third child syndrome.
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So first of all this pregnancy has been crazy different from Ace's.

I felt so sick the first trimester. It was awful. It was that "forever feeling like I could throw up but can't" feeling 24/7. If I could have just thrown up I think I would have been good but nope, my body refused to allow any relief.
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I also gained weight right off the bat and had a belly. Not cool, Everly, not cool!
Thankfully my weight gain has actually been the same I guess I just gained it faster in the beginning than I did the first time and kept steady after that.

The saddest difference is I have gotten my first stretch marks on my stomach, sigh. At first I got one and it was maybe an inch and a half, no big deal. I was actually kind of like hmm this is kind of cool like I have one piece of proof of my last pregnancy but now I have 2 more under it and they are small so I am not freaking out yet but if these effers get bigger I will cry into a pint of ice-cream.

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Actually speaking of ice-cream, that isn't happening because I have gestation diabetes. I know, lets all take a moment to realize what this means for a hungry pregnant woman. I had such a sweet tooth this pregnancy, nothing like Ace's where I ate more of meats and cheeses. I am hoping after this little girl pops out this is all just a sad little memory.

I don't think much else has been different other than those things. I am not as big of a rush to get her here like I was with Ace. Ace was 3 weeks early and yes, it was nice to not have to deal with those last weeks of pregnancy since it was a horribly hot summer, it was still rough having a baby who was just not ready to be here.

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I can see a huge difference in Ace's personality when he was a newborn and Ashlyn's who was born right on her due date. I know they are two different babies but I think because he had a few issues those 3 weeks or even maybe another week or two would have done him some good.

I am also not ready to have Ashlyn share me. She is such an incredible baby and I know she will adjust really well but I still love being able to just cuddle her all day while Ace is at school and not have anyone else there to distract me from that.
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So that is pretty much my summary of this pregnancy. Hopefully there isn't anything too exciting that goes on from here on out.

Were your pregnancies different or the same?

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