Countdown till Ultrasound for Everly!

UPDATE: Everly is now HEAD DOWN!!! We no longer have to worry about planning a c-section. Hopefully everything is smooth from here on out. 

Wish me luck! Today I go in for an ultrasound to check Everly's position. If she is still breech I believe we will be talking about a c-section. If not then we will just be going forward as usual. I have so much faith in my doctors since they aren't the types to push inductions, c-sections and other measures. In fact I probably wouldn't have even known about a c-section had I not asked because she wanted to stay positive she would flip and not scare me till we knew her position this week so I am hopeful either way that things will end up the way they are supposed! 
Thank you again for all the support. If I do end up with a c-section I feel a lot better about it after everyone was so supportive and sweet about it. 
If you have had a c-section, what are your best tips for recovery and packing for the hospital?


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