Tacky Box!

Ace has needed some one on one time with Mommy so we decided to do a little art project.
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I had gotten this really cute book called Max's Magnificent Choice. It came with what is called a "Tacky Box". 
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The Tacky Box is a box where tacky (bad) words go. You write the tacky words on a piece of paper and put them away in the box not to be used again. 
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The concept is clever for a parent who is tired of telling their child to stop saying that or that is not a nice word. 
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Ace had been being really emotional and kept telling me "no, stop it!" and giving me a pouty look. I even said "I love you." and he gave me a look and was about to say stop it but stopped himself. Poor guy is a hot mess the past couple of days.
So move on to our little project. After that I said you know what lets go outside and do a project. I grabbed his tacky box and some markers and let him have at it. He had so much fun decorating his box. 
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It totally changed his mood.
After that we read the book Max's Magnificent Choice. He thought the book was great and the animation is really cute. The little monkey Max goes from using Tacky words and not having any friends to learning that he needs to use nice words in order for people to want to be around him. 
This book is great for teaching little ones how hurtful words can affect others and even yourself. If you are not kind to others than who is going to want to play with you?
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The book was a bit on the long side for Ace but the fabulous pictures really kept his attention. I also didn't really like that there was words that he had never heard before like "fatso" were in there because I felt like he would then repeat it. Those were my only real draw backs for this book. I did love that it came with the Tacky Box for Ace to decorate and make his own.

This book also comes in a girl version (Margo). 

I was given this book to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review.


  1. He can't read yet, so just replace the words you don't want him to say with other words. Or you could include that new word in the words you don't say group :)


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