Weekend Rewind...

This past weekend we had so much fun. 
We took Ace to A Day Our With Thomas. 
 photo 1508009_10102587139099351_722583040_n_zpsdcbb1b60.jpg
Ace and me on the train

He is by far Ace's favorite toy so when we saw they were coming to town we knew we had to take him. We dropped Ashlyn off at my cousins' so we could spend the day with just him. 
 photo 1506704_10102587441842651_468146857_n_zpsbe7fdff7.jpg
There was so much to do there. You ride on a train that has an actual Thomas car in the front. So cool! 
You could also walk through an old train as well. They had Sir Topham Hat there but I unfortunately didn't get a picture of that. There was an area with bubbles, play dough, bounce houses, balance bikes and lots of food. All the activities were free which was really great. I highly suggest taking your child to it when it comes to your town if they love Thomas as much as Ace does. 
 photo 1981817_10102589686264811_1247388077_n_zps19011364.jpg
Sunday we went to the beach. We got there around 10:00 and made it a good hour and a half before we left, ha! It was hard because Branden's leg is still healing so he couldn't go in the water with Ace and I would try to bring him in but he was being a maniac and running around and then trying to have me hold him by his arms and it just was not working out with this belly. Branden and Ace played in the sand and Ashlyn and I hung out for a bit watching the waves. She was so relaxed. 
 photo 1912498_10102590108992661_1143691860_n_zps1a495c2c.jpg
 photo 1922444_10102590113333961_989601384_n_zps5b989fed.jpg
A little later some little girls were playing near us and Ace dumped sand on one of their heads and we were done. It wasn't a lot thankfully and didn't get in her eyes but I was just so aggravated he did it. He wasn't even trying to be mean just being funny and it's not cool! 
We headed home and got the kids to nap. Ace did not nap long enough and was totally emotional after his nap. He has been emotional since Friday. I need to see if he is napping in his new class at school. They moved him up to the older classroom and I have a feeling he isn't napping. We don't get a daily report anymore since he is potty trained and we have a calendar of his activities but the nap thing is what I have been wondering about after seeing him Friday and today so emotional and overly tired before bedtime. 
 photo 10003987_10102593040682531_222941302_n_zpsc41f75ff.jpg
ANYWAY later that night I was having some pain and could tell Everly has definitely moved down more. My belly looks a lot smaller so I am guessing she is getting ready to head out soon. I mean we still have 3 weeks till her due date and she could still be breech, we find out Wednesday so we will see!


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