Ashlyn at 5 Months! *A little late*

Miss Ashlyn,
Today you are 5 months old.
 photo 1969306_10102606023155551_729731515_n_zps9a0a22d7.jpg
You have been doing so much lately. You are siting up for a few seconds sometimes minutes. You are so strong.
 photo DSCN2872_zps246878ad.jpg photo DSCN2874_zpsd9d5910c.jpg
You had your first taste of purees, bananas. You loved it. 
You now have TWO teeth! They cut through the week of my birthday. You are so cute. 
 photo 10003496_10102634564653161_864629518_n_zps719be19a.jpg
You also are now sleeping in your crib through the night. You are such a great little baby. The first night in you slept till 6am and after that till your normal 8am. 
Another cute thing is you found your feet. This just happened and you have had a huge obsession with your hands so I am wondering if you will be as obsessed with your feet. 
Your favorites right now are your Jumperoo, Sophie Giraffe and baby doll.
Clothing wise you are now in 9 months! BIG GIRL! 
 photo 1901663_10102629475906051_1113692294_n_zps89cb795d.jpg
People always think you are older than you are. They also comment on what a good baby you are. You are seriously so chill and easy going. Your brother was easy going too so we definitely have been really fortunate with you two. 
Your eyes are changing color. They were a light gray blue and are now a greenish color. Not sure if they will stay like that or turn brown. 
Wearing: 9 month clothes
Diaper: Size 3
Blowing bubbles/ raspberries 


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