Ashlyn at 7 Months

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You are 7 months old! You have been such an easy baby. You are still a total Daddy's girl too. You give me little sweet smiles while Daddy gets huge smiles and giggles. 
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Bow Headband
You have started to really enjoy Ace. You think he is super funny and he you like when he tickles you. 
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You love your Sophia Giraffe and Jumperoo still. 
You have been sleeping in your own room since March and you are a great sleeper. You have been having separation anxiety so we had a few nights of you getting upset when we walked away from your crib. We ended up patting your tummy and you were ok. 
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You have the sweetest personality. People always ask us if you have a voice because you are so quiet and content all the time. You rarely cry and will just sit and hang out. Everyone just loves you. 
You are also sensitive to when your sister is crying. I noticed one time that when she cried you made a wimper noise as if you were sad for her. You have also cried when she has but not to get attention but as if you were upset she was upset. I have a feeling you are going to be a very caring, sweet, loving person growing up. 
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You still only have two teeth and aren't crawling yet but you move yourself all around the floor to get what you want. No real words yet but you will make the "mama" sound randomly. 
Miss Ashlyn, you are such an incredible little girl. We love you so much!!!


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