Mother's Day Weekend: Photo Overload!

Oh Heyyy! I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day. Mine was awesome.
Actually my whole weekend was pretty awesome.
 photo 10325127_10102768937369161_3040391386899630413_n_zps2ef6aab6.jpg
Saturday we woke up super early to do The Color Run in Ft. Lauderdale. It was our first 5K and it was so fun. I did it with my cousins and my younger cousins friends as well as Bran and Ace. We got there super late, like almost the last ones to start late. 
 photo 984059_10102768939170551_8475259377582236367_n_zps5a20f233.jpg 
If you are going to do a 5K this is the one to do. It just revolves around fun and who doesn't love that?
 photo 10174880_10102768934160591_8829820381360674644_n_zpse8d261aa.jpg
My sister watched the girls so we were able to go home right after and shower off before picking them up. Let me tell you something, it is not easy getting off the color. We were stained in some spots and I had pink in my ears, even today. 
 photo 10310099_10102768875602941_8886922415102579973_n_zpse8d12277.jpg
We went to my sister's house after and Bran and Ace went in the pool and I hung out pool side with the girls. It was too cold for me and them so I was cool with that. 
 photo 10247312_10102768873796561_5632188739051716869_n_zpsdd2181a8.jpg photo 10277706_10102768994973721_9046711515514991941_n_zpsd03251aa.jpg 
Nothing too excited after that.
Sunday, Mother's Day, we had the girls dedicated at church. Everly was the youngest baby so our Pastor held her and it was so cute, she didn't even cry, which was a shocker since she likes to cry, ha!
 photo 10277553_10102771410867251_6558317985651570429_n_zps594c7092.jpg photo 1975279_10102771414599771_7465646127071878282_n_zps9da8288d.jpg
Both girls were so great the entire time. Church service was probably my favorite one yet. At the end our Pastor Pete's daughter Sophie sang a Taylor Swift song for her Mom and I just cried the entire time. There is another Taylor Swift song that always reminded me of my Mom and so when I saw on the screen the name and who it was by it just made me think of her. This girl has the most beautiful voice too. 
After church we got food to go from California Pizza Kitchen and headed home for the kids naps. 
 photo 10291852_10102771323751831_5441167933988083302_n_zps37d0c25d.jpg
After that I was able to lay out in the backyard while Bran held Everly and the other two napped. So relaxing! After they all got up my sister came over and we met up with my cousins at Menchies and had Fro-yo. 
We headed home and my sister and I went to Target and got some things. It was a pretty great Mother's Day. The only way it could have been better is if my parents were there. 
How was your Mother's Day?


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