Paris Theme Baby Shower

This past Sunday was my sister's baby shower.  She had mentioned having a Paris theme to her daughter, Valentina's, nursery and I was so excited. It was the perfect theme for a baby shower as well!
I, of course, eyed Pinterest for any and all Paris theme parties, showers and decor.  I knew I wanted to make it a super girly shower because out of the two of us she has always been the griller one. She lives for pink!
Just to give you an idea, this was her cake for her 30th birthday party.
 photo 557459_10151008027773178_1976217301_n_zpsc6e56ce6.jpg

So back to the shower. Here is my set up for when people walk in. I got the tutu from Zulily and the dress form and large Paris picture from Hobby Lobby. The little pink ballet shoes were a gift for my girls from my cousin and the Paris box is from Michael's. It matched the picture perfectly.
 photo 10511364_251920151598772_8971303145140519499_n_zps9dcf32de.jpg

I had mine and Ashley's baby clothes lined up by the front door. I failed here because I didn't have enough clothes pins to hold them all so this was my sad little solution, ha!

 photo photo1copy_zps833c824b.jpg

The favors I forgot to set out, epic fail! I made chocolate covered oreos and saw them as I was putting things away in the fridge. Yeah, total waste of time but at least they were pretty!
 photo 1622245_251921698265284_4930391066505407985_n_zps199054e0.jpg
Ashley's friend Alexis made this adorable diaper bouquet.  This was the diaper raffle table. If you ever throw someone a shower always do a raffle. This helps them load up on diapers and it's an easy "game".
 photo photo2_zps1e575ecf.jpg
This was the food table. Alexis made the Valentina banner and set up the lanterns. The Paris canvas Branden and I found at Home Goods and the Eiffel tower is from Hobby Lobby. Pink Lanterns are from Party City. 
Food included croissants to make sandwiches (turkey, ham & cheese), fruit (grapes, blueberries, strawberries), crackers (I forgot to put the brie cheese out to go with it, aye!), waldorf salad, quiches, and I think that was everything.
 photo photo4_zps756eb05b.jpg
Beautiful diaper cake was made by Alexis. This girl has major talent!
 photo photo5_zpsce954f51.jpg
Another one of Alexis' creations.
 photo photo3_zps0817e945.jpg
I got this little Guess Valentina's Statistics poster at Party City. I wanted to make a cute little calendar and frame it but with me being in the hospital it was not happening. This was easier and it had a blank spot where we got to guess if Valentina will have back hair or not! Weird? You bet but it wouldn't be mine and Ashley's weird sense of humor if it wasn't up there.
 photo photo1_zps87f01f88.jpg


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