Ashlyn's First Birthday To Do List

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Wickedly Cute Body Suit / Cat Ears Headband Similar

It is just over a month till Ashlyn's first birthday and I have quite a lot of planning to do.
First birthdays are such a big event in my mind. It is a celebration of so many firsts and the day this beautiful little person came into our lives. I think the first birthday is more for the parents but hey, it was a lot of work for us! 
I am doing a Monster Mash/Halloween theme for her first birthday. Since her birthday is so close to Halloween I thought it would be super fun to have all the kids dress up in their costumes. 
I know we will have a lot of Elsa and Anna's coming this year too, ha!
I am thinking of dressing Ashlyn and Everly as a cat and mouse. Ace will get to pick his costume so I am not sure what he will be yet.
I happened to look back on my post on Ace's first birthday to do list and man I feel like I had my life together so much more than. I mean, lets face it, I did. Having one child is way easier than three! 
So here is what I can think of that I need to get done for now. 
  • Take Pictures
    • Smash Cake
    • Birthday Pictures
  • Make or Order Cupcakes
  • Make or Order Smash Cake
  • Make invitation list
  • Make invitations
  • Order birthday outfit
  • Organize games & activities 
  • Order or Make Food
  • Set up Decorations
I am sure there is more that will need to be done but hopefully this will keep me on track.

Did you do a big birthday party for your little ones first birthday or a smaller low key one? 


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