Ashlyn's First Haircut at Disney!

Talk about being the favorite…just kidding.
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So Ashlyn has had the most awful hair style lately. She was sporting a really awkward rat tail and wispy long strands in the front. I just couldn't handle it any long so I knew we had to get her hair cut. I went to a few of my girl friends on where to take her but majority didn't really have a suggestion since they didn't really cut their daughter's hair yet. 
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One friend, a lifesaver if you will, told me about Magic Kingdom's Harmony Barber Shop. She took her daughter there for her first haircut and I immediately was sold. First of all it's only $18! This includes the haircut (obvi), a certificate and Mickey Ears. Sold, sold and sold!
We decided to take her the night of Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party and got there around 5:15. It was basically empty and so first we had Ace get gel and pixie dust for some added fun for him. He loved it. The people there were exceptional. They even put some pixie dust in my nieces' hair at no charge. Made their night!
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Then it was Ashlyn's turn. First of all Ashlyn is my stubborn child. If she doesn't want to do something she won't or will make it difficult for you to get her to do it. To say I was nervous about her letting someone cut her hair was an understatement. Well, let me tell you, she was not at all pissed about letting this stranger cut her hair, not one bit. The woman stuck Mickey stickers all over her to distract her and went to town on her hair. She was so good! 
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Then after her hair cut they brought out the 1st haircut Mickey Ears. I may have squealed. 
And to make the experience even more amazing they put them on, turned her around and gave her a mirror and I got this snap shot of her. I mean there were actual tears in my eyes. I may be tearing up right now just typing this, don't tell anyone! 

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If you know me then you know my Mom was a hairdresser and I always knew she'd be the first to cut all my children's hair, especially the first haircut and with Ace we got that but with the girls we didn't. It absolutely broke my heart knowing this and so the fact that Disney has such a special experience for a first hair cut really made this moment easier on me. I thought about my Mom being there the entire time and even though I was missing her deeply I was happy we made the decision to pick Disney for her first hair cute. I will do the same for Everly if she ever grows some hair…


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