Fall, You Little Tease!

Oh Fall, you little tease! 
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If you are a Floridian, or more accurately a South Floridian (is that a thing?) than you understand that tease we get of the Fall weather. We had that Sunday. 
See in Florida our weather usually consists of scorching hot, soaking wet from humidity hot and not too hot. We don't really get cold weather here. If we do it's 70 degrees and perfection. We like our 70 degree weather here. We consider that to be a gorgeous "Fall" day. I know most people would say we are crazy but come on, we are dying in the humidity and heat almost year round. 
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So Sunday we that tease of Fall weather. I walked outside and said "Oh, it's chilly!" Facebook was full of status updates of the change. My favorite was a picture my friend posted of her son posed like he was freezing. My son told our dog he couldn't go outside because it was too cold. My cousins wore jean jackets (thanks for not including me in coordinating outfits!) and I don't think I broke a sweat once. 
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Now if we could only get a little more of that perfectly crisp Fall weather. Just don't go lower than 65 degrees or I fear we will see a lot of Ugg boots and scarfs and there is no place for all that in South Florida (I'm kidding, we all know when it gets to 60 degrees we throw on our Uggs and coats!).
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