Sick Babies=Tired Mommy

Sometimes being a Mom is rough. Like kick you in the face, slam you on the ground rough. This past week and a half each one of our kids has gotten sick, one right after the other. First Ace on the weekend then Ashlyn during the week and now Everly. Poor girl has has a stomach bug and can't quite seem to kick it.
Sunday after a day of throwing up after every bottle I brought her to the ER just to make sure she didn't have a blockage or obstruction. They gave her Zofran then pedialite and she didn't throw up so they sent us home. If it had been a blockage she would have thrown up despite the Zofran. 
 photo photocopy11_zps1a7f87fb.jpg
She did good that night and slept all night. The next night I was up with her twice, once to clean her bedding since she threw up and had diarrhea. Next day she was a bit better with only one episode of throwing up. Last night she was fine. Today we thought she may have been turning over a new leaf. We were supposed to go to my aunts but I was so worried about how off and on she was and she seemed really hot to me. After her second nap we gave her a bottle and she just kept crying. Ashlyn was also whining and I just didn't know what to do. Everly was miserable so I pick her up and she starts to projectile vomit all over me and the couch. Did I mention my couch now smells like throw up after the past few days? 
I went to take a shower and just felt like I needed a break. Dealing with sick kids is one of those parenting moments you just don't want to think about. You hate seeing your children sick and miserable. It's heart breaking. When they get up in the middle of the night crying from pain or feeling icky you just want to trade places with them (I mean if you are going to be up anyway might as well be the sick one not them, Am.I.Right?)
 photo 10411827_267898453334275_6194067116447213216_n_zps4fcfa879.jpg
So here I am feeling tired and just wanting to lay on the couch and watch garbage TV and not have to think about getting up early in the morning or in the middle of the night to a sick kid. Then I feel guilty. It's not her fault she is sick so I need to suck it up and stop feeling sorry for myself. And tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can think of 101 things I am truly thankful for and my kids are number 1 (next to my husband of course!).  


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