Florida Finds Friday: Core Contour Lagree Fitness

On Friday I had the opportunity to check out the hot new fitness trend Core Contour Lagree Fitness in Fort Lauderdale. 

With their motto "Physically Fit, Mentally Strong" you can guarantee an incredible mind, body experience during these 50 minute work outs. The other amazing part about these work outs other than the mind, body connection is the amount of calories you can burn in one work out session. When I spoke with Jenn Capps, owner of Core Contour, she explained that you can burn 600-800 calories.  
No more exhausting and boring trips to the gym, Core Contour offers a group class with a personal feel. Each person gets their own Megaformer Machine while in a group setting. The Megaformer is incredible because it targets "slow twitch muscle fibers" that can be difficult to target in your normal work out routine. 
The owner of Core Contour in Ft. Lauderdale, Jenn Capps, is there to help you along your work out journey with not only making it an intense work out but fun as well with great music playing!
Overall Core Contour is a great workout option for busy Moms. Being able to burn the maximum amount of calories in a 50 minute work out is my kind of work out! Now hurry on over to the Core Contour in Ft. Lauderdale and experience your first class for only $15


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