A Little Life Update

Life has just been flying by. The girls are now 13 and 18 months and Ace is nearing his 4th birthday at lightning speed. It crushes my Mommy heart to know that one day they aren't going to want to have me carry them around or love on them as much as they do. 

Since I am back to work part-time life has been quite chaotic at times. I feel like it's a never ending cycle of working, trying to keep my house from looking like a tornado hit it and keeping up with laundry. If anyone has an idea on how to make this easier I am all ears. Branden picks up so much of the slack and works full time that I feel like I am slightly failing. 
I will say I am loving being a working Mom. Right now it is perfect because I only work 3 days from 7-2:30. I am back at my old high school which is crazy. I will give more details at a later date since I don't want to jinx anything. 
Since I am working at my old high school I get to spend all Summer with my crazy crew and I am already making plans. I am a planner in most things so I am having fun figuring out what all we will be doing. So far we will be hitting up the dollar movies at Cinemark and Regal. I also am looking forward to play dates with some of the most awesome Moms around. Since Branden has been working later in the day that will give us time before he goes to work to do some fun things with the kids together. 
Another activity we will be doing is swim lessons. Ace had the best time last year doing them and even though he can swim he still doesn't like to do it without me right there so he can swim or jump to me. I want him to be more confident so I think this will help. The girls will also be taking swim lessons and I think Ashlyn will love it since she will already jump in the pool and go under water but Everly hates water overall so I am thinking she will be screaming a lot. Thank God my cousin Kayla will be helping me take them. 
Since Ace will be 4 this Summer I am also planning an Avengers party for him. I basically only have the theme down. Last year he loved having his party at a gymnastics place but they raised the price by $100 so that is a no go. I can't even imagine paying that much for only an hour and a half party (or maybe it was 2?). Either way I am bummed about it because it was so easy but again not worth that high of a price rage. We probably will just do something small and at the house. 
My Donut Float
I still have a bunch of posts I need to finish, like the second half of Ace's Spring Break, our Disney trip and our couples weekend to the Keys for our friends' engagement/ Bachelor and Bachelorette weekend. I promise I will get around to it eventually. For now go check out the awesome giveaway I have going on. I mean who doesn't want to win a $25 Visa Gift Card?


  1. I am so there with the summer planning, too right now. It's so much fun to think about!

  2. I have to agree life flies by so fast.


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