Happy Summer!

Happy Summer Everyone! 
We are already so busy and it's only the first week. 

We went to the New Kids on the Block, TLC and Nelly concert on Thursday night then headed to the Keys for the weekend with my best and her family. 

After the Keys her oldest daughter Ashleen stayed with us for the week. She is so amazing with Ace and the girls so it's been really nice having her here. Ace started Karate on Monday night with his best bud Brody and tonight he has Hip Hop class with Brody and their other best bud Riley. I am dying to see them all together. 
Body and Ace at Karate and the bottom picture of them at swim class 2 summers ago

Has anyone else taken advantage of the dollar movies at Regal or Cinemark? We went today and saw Annie and it was really cute. I am sure we will be going to these a lot this summer. 

We are also heading to a new Museum on Friday which I am excited about. Ace also has karate again on Thursday night so it's going to be a really busy week. 

Later in the Summer all the kids will be in swim lessons. Ace can swim but needs to gain more confidence so I am hoping it will help. Ashlyn wants to swim so badly that I am scared to not have her in swim lessons. Everly hates the water, like screams her head of if she gets even a drop on her so she should be fun at swim lessons. 

What are your big plans for Summer?

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