Kitchen Remodel:The Beginning Vision

Have you ever just felt like your house is unfinished? Like you can't quite get it the way you want it? 
My DREAM Kitchen
Image used with permission: Credit
I have been feeling like that in our family room and kitchen area. I have never been able to fully make it feel like mine. My dining room was the first room I really was able to make feel like me but ever since I have been failing at the rest of the downstairs. 
I think most of the reason is because the colors of the kitchen are not what appeals to me. The white cabinets are my style but the backsplash and counter tops are brown based and for some reason browns and reds really bother me. I am much more of a blue, grey and white person. But I think this is normal when you buy a house and aren't able to really do what you want right off the bat.
I have been pinning kitchen ideas like crazy and we have finally settled on some ideas. I am hoping before I go back to work at the end of August we can make some of these ideas a reality. 
The main area I want done is our island. I would love something like this and these counter tops are to die for.
I love these Threshold Brookline Tufted Counter Stools in Tutti Frutti or Aqua. Getting Branden to agree on those might be a long shot though. 
We are thinking of removing our kitchen table area for now because Ashlyn and Everly are at the age where they pull everything off the table. It is such a hassle and if we have the island for an eating area we will be good with that for now. We are going to put a bench like this at the bay window and it will really open everything up. Eventually we will get another table for that area but right now we can do without. We always have the dining room if we need more seating. 
We also need to get new flooring because our tile is old and dated so that will be first I think.
I also would love a new dishwasher because the buttons on the front drive me nuts! I always bump into it or the girls press them and it runs randomly. I seriously hate it. This Whirlpool one looks super amazing. I had no idea they made ones with the buttons on top till my friend got one. This would be amazing. Ours also looks a mess because the stainless steel is messed up.

Overall I think we could get some things done this summer but I think I am dreaming if I think we will have time to get it all done. We also have Ace's birthday and Bran is going to Michigan so it might have to wait. I am just dying to get my island done. Wishful thinking?

What are some of your kitchen must haves?


  1. I sooo love this kitchen, too! I feel like I just got struck by an arrow - a Cupid's arrow! I've seen many fancy kitchens for real and in magazines but this is truly special. If you can incorporate some of these concepts, good for you!


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