Which Side of The Force Are You On?

Many thanks to General Mills for sponsoring today’s story and letting me try new Star Wars Cereal!
As a little kid I loved fun cereals. If a cereal had a cool box or theme I was all about it. 
Being a kid is all about imagination, fun times and new experiences. 
Cereal Wars!
It's waking up early, eating your favorite cereal and watching cartoons on the weekends.
It's running through the sprinklers on a hot Summer day and having not a care in the world. 
Being a kid is just about the best thing ever and adding a little excitement to their morning routine with these awesome special edition Star Wars cereals is so easy. You can get a $1.00 off coupon HERE.
Each box has their own character on it. We have Darth Vader and Yoda. The back of each box also has a game too. Ace loved playing checkers with me because he got to eat any of the pieces that were jumped. It's such a fun little way to make mornings more tolerable when you aren't quite ready to start the day. 

So tell me which side of The Force are you on?! 


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