Disney Vacation Day One: Epcot

The week before school started Branden and I decided to take one last trip to Disney World before our Seasonal Passes expired. Since we are Season pass holders and not Annual we had to wait till mid August for our passes to open back up. We decided to go August 18-20th. We figured crowds might not be too horrible since some schools were already back in session.

When it comes to Disney Branden and I are planners. We like to get the most bang for our buck so to speak. Since we also have two toddlers who are new to waiting in lines we knew we needed to take advantage of Fast Passes and low waits. We first planned on getting to our hotel, Pop Century, on Tuesday around noon. Sometimes you can check in early. We had a horrible poop explosion from Ashlyn and thankfully were able to check into one of our rooms (we got two adjoining). We cleaned her up, ate lunch (we brought BP&J sandwiches for a quick lunch) and headed to the park. We took the buses from the hotel to Epcot. We had Fast Passes for Sourin, Figment, Nemo and Test Track. We had four because Branden and I each got only one for either Sourin' or Test Track. We were going to do baby swap but ended up each only taking Ace because the girls were a disaster by the end of the night since no one had napped. 

We took the kids on Figment first. There was actually a pretty decent line so I was really glad we had Fast Passes for this ride. Sometimes it is a really low wait time but other times it can be about 25 minutes, not long in Disney terms but long enough for a two little girls to go bonkers. 
After Figment we went on Finding Nemo and walked right on. We had Fast Passes but the wait was really low anyway. The kids loved this. We then walked around the aquarium and it was really cute watching all three of them looking at the fish in the tanks. They were mesmerized. We wanted to do Turtle Talk but we had just missed the show so we headed out of there. 
We then headed over to Living with the Land before our Sourin' Fast passes were available to use. I used to hate going on The Land when I was a kid but I love it now. I think it is such a relaxing ride, ha! After that we had lunch at Sunshine Seasons. The food was so good! While the girls and Branden finished up I took Ace on Sourin'. This is one of my favorite rides to go on with him. It was my parents favorite ride and I actually hadn't gone on it since they passed away till Branden insisted we go on it the last trip we took just Ace on. Now I love it even more. 
Once we were done there, we headed over to Test Track. Branden took Ace while I walked around with the girls. They were so tired by this point so this was our last event for the day. I think if they had napped we could have done more but by this time it was already almost 7PM and they were done. 
We were going to Magic Kingdom the next morning so we all went to bed fairly early.

Day Two Coming Soon…

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