Just a little yard work...

It's Wednesday which means we are getting closer to Friday which means I get to see my bestie!! We typically see each other about every month or every other month and it's like getting a breath of fresh air when I see her. 

Today I had the day off of work and Branden and I decided we had to clean up the front yard. We actually got a notice from our HOA because one of the plants was too high. We were kind of in limbo with what we wanted to do with the front so this was the perfect time to get things started. 

The previous owners had kept everything up so nicely and there was a lot of trees and plants but having three little ones meant less time to spend on the lawn. We knew we needed to do something to make it more manageable for us. We got the kids ready in some scrubby clothes and we all headed outside to work on the front. The kids mostly play with sidewalk chalk but they got really excited when we let them put gloves on and help. 

After we were done the kids and I went in the pool to cool off. It was so perfect out today. I loved having a little mini break in the middle of the week since the day before I barely saw anyone since I had to go back to work at night for an event and the girls were going to bed when I got home. 
I will post an after shot of the yard once we finish it but for now you can see everything cut down and it looks so bare! We have really nice palm trees in the front so they will really stand out now!

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