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Good Morning! It's another beautiful Sunday morning here. It's starting to feel like "Fall". If you are wondering why I typed it like that it's because Florida doesn't really have a real Fall. And by real I mean the Fall you experience where you are from where the leaves change or you can wear cute coats and beanies. Our Fall is beautiful clear blue skies, low humidity and maybe, if we are lucky, a slight breeze. Yesterday was that day. 
I was walking out of the store and told Branden it felt like Fall. He still laughs at me when I say it. He was raised in Michigan where they have "real" seasons. But I still love Florida seasons. I get it, we don't get to see the leaves change and that was actually something I used to want more when I was younger but now I don't mind it. I don't mind it because that usually means snow is just around the corner. It seems like everyone has been getting hit with intense winters and it makes me appreciate the Florida weather even more. Don't get me wrong, I would love to experience a Christmas with snow but I also love that I can look at my windows any day of the year and see palm trees. I don't think I would do well where everything dies in the winter. 

And I know one day we will eventually move out of South Florida and head north. Branden wants to live where seasons change and I totally understand that. It is what he grew up with and I think it will be nice to experience living in a different state. It won't be for a long time but one day when the time does come I am sure I will be in for a big shock. As will my Ace who says anytime there is a hint of cold that he likes to be hot. 

So for now I am embracing and appreciating this beautiful weather even when the humidity makes it impossible to have a nice hair day or the fact that Summer means play dates in doors. 
We are lucky to live in paradise and I don't forget that for a minute. 
This post is dedicated to my Florida sun loving friend Christel. She sadly has to experience winter and she was not made for the cold. 
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