Almost TWO!

Oh hey there! I have been a bit MIA lately because life has been crazy and my lap top charger finally died on me which meant my lap top was dead until I got a new one in the mail. 

We are celebrating Ashlyn's second birthday on Sunday! We are just hanging with the kids and family since I am doing a joint party for the girls probably end of January, early February. I figured with Christmas in the middle of their birthdays Everly always got the shaft when people asked what she needed. I figured at this point people can either buy for one or both because they wear the same clothes and play with the same toys. 

So back to Ashlyn being TWO! I still can't believe we have reached two years old with her. She is really starting to just look so big to me. It breaks my heart because my little girls are growing up much faster it seems than Ace did. His babyhood seemed to last longer. Time is just flying by. 

I still need to find something to get her as a little gift. Ace got her a toy car and I got her a book since she is obsessed with books but I feel like something else for her to open would be good. I still plan to do the donut cake for her like I did with Ace for his birthdays

So if anyone has ideas on what to get a 2 year old share! It doesn't have to be specific to a girl either. My girls play with Ace's toys (cars, trains, legos) too. So any suggestions would be amazing!!!! 



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