Ashlyn is TWO!

You are just the sweetest little thing. Your smile brightens my days and I love you so much. 

Your personality is so funny to me. You are a mix of sweetness and stubbornness. You listen so well yet you will do something you aren't supposed to and if you get caught you walk away like it wasn't you. It's so funny. 

You are starting to talk more and more. You and Everly have your own language so at times it's very frustrating to get you to say words that actually make sense to us. Slowly but surely though! 

You are a very picky eater. You don't really like meat, which I am fine with as long as you eat other forms of protein. You love to read books, cuddle and watch movies. I can see you being the kid who is very introspective like your cousin Brianna. You remind me so much of her it's crazy. 
You are obsessed with your Minnies and anything Frozen (books, movie, microphone). You love dressing up and coloring. 
You love being outside and playing with sidewalk chalk. I think your favorite thing ever is being in the pool. You see the pool and just point to it and ask over and over "pool?". You are a total water baby like I was! You learned to swim very early. I think you were about 18 months. You were our earliest swimmer by far. 
I can't wait to see how much you learn this year. I know it's going to be a big one for talking for you. You are trying to hard. I love you so much my little angel baby!
2 Year Old Stats
Clothing Size: some 18M, Mostly 24M-2t
Diaper Size: 5.5 moving up to 6
Height: 32 inches
Weight: 26.6lbs
Favorite toy: Minnie
Favorite book: Cinderella or Frozen
Favorite Movie: Frozen
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