Life Lately

Last weekend we celebrated Ashlyn's birthday. We just had family over Saturday night and hung out on Sunday. We will be doing a joint party for the girls in January/February so we kept it low key. 
We also have been hanging out with our new neighbors this past week. Ace and their kids love each other and they are such an awesome couple so it's been nice. 
Who is ready for Halloween? Branden has been decorating and I can't wait to see the final result. He got really creative with my cousin make tombstones so it should look great! 
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you've probably seen this picture of Everly in her hulk sweater. She is hilarious in it. She kept scaring poor Ashlyn though. Halloween should be interesting with those two. 
This weekend we went to our house in the Keys with our friends Mike, Melissa and their daughter Hailey who is Everly's age. The kids had so much fun together. It's finally getting easier to take them to the Keys. It's definitely a lot of work bringing their pack n' plays but at least we don't have a bunch of bottles and need highchairs. 
It feels like now till New Years we will be so busy. Between the upcoming holidays, trips and birthdays we hardly have any free weekends. Anyone else feel like this time of year is just non-stop activities? I am not complaining because I do love it but it also makes time fly by. 
Now I am dying to hear what everyone's kids are going to be for Halloween!! 
If you haven't already make sure you enter this months GIVEAWAYS! I will have a couple more coming up so keep an eye out for them. 


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