What's in my… Diaper Bag

As a working Mom of three littles I have multiple bags I use throughout the week. I typically don't have to go into my diaper bag until the weekend. When the weekends come we are usually on the go and the diaper bag needs to be packed and ready for us to head out the door. Here is what was in my diaper bag when I dumped it out. 

1. Of course the number one thing we have in our diaper bags are diapers and wipes, shocker, I know. We have two different brands because Ashlyn is sensitive and Everly isn't so Ev gets the cheaper brand, sorry girl! 
 2. Ace always ends up throwing toy cars in my bag because he has to take them everywhere. This one was randomly in the cup holder. Glad I found it! 
3. Another must for my pale kids is sunscreen. I prefer the sticks because it's easy and we are less likely to get it in their eyes. Everly is the worst at letting us put sunscreen on so this makes it somewhat doable. Ashlyn likes to steal these and rub them all over so that's super fun too. 
4. Since Ashlyn's hair is wild we keep a comb and some type of headband or clip in there. Branden is really particular about keeping her hair from being crazy because it gets so knotted. 

5. Snacks are a must with three kids. I usually keep cheerios, crackers or raisins for the kids and a Perfectly Simple nutrition bar for me and Branden. I am really particular about any kind of snack bars because I have had some that are chalky and these aren't. They are the perfect on the go snack. My favorite is the oatmeal chocolate chunk. They are the easiest options and don't take up much space. 
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6. Nose & Face wipes are just nice to have in case we have runny noses or messy faces. 
7. We have an extra paci hanging out in there in case someone really needs one. They usually don't use them during the day anymore but it's definitely a must have just in case we have serious meltdowns. 
8. When I actually wear my contacts I have to wear sunglasses. My eyes are so sensitive that I need them! If I forget them I am so miserable and have to squint to block out the sun. I try to stash a pair in each of my bags. 
So that's it! Obviously we throw in some sippy cups, wallet and keys last minute but overall I try to keep the other things in there at all times so I don't have to pack too much in a rush. It works out well and we rarely forget anything. 

So what do you keep in your diaper bag? 
Today’s post is sponsored by ZonePerfect, but my love for their Perfectly Simple nutrition bars is an opinion all my own!

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