The Dreaded Question?

When my friends and I took our kids to the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago we got on the topic of kids asking about babies. Since the majority of them are older siblings one asked her Mom how her baby sister got out of her Mommy's tummy. She told us how the talk went and she said it wasn't bad. She gave her the answer and that was it. No big deal but we all were still wondering how it would go with our kids. And when we would get asked. 

So today I got the same question from Ace. We were leaving the grocery store and he saw a picture of a woman who was pregnant. He asked if she had a baby in her tummy and I said yes. He then said "Mommy, how does the baby get out of her tummy?" I then said "How do you think the baby comes out?" He then pointed down and said shyly "Down there?" So I smiled and said "Where?" And he said  your butt? Ha! I said no and he then said in a whisper "your vagina?" and I said yes. He was so funny with how shy he was about it. It didn't bother me talking to him about it but I always wondered if it would be awkward. It totally wasn't. I was shocked he knew the baby must come out from somewhere "down there". 

After he figured that out he then asked why Ashlyn came from YaYa (our nickname for Ashlyn's bio Mom). I told him because she was a adopted and she gave birth to her. He seemed pretty satisfied with the talk and just went on to talking about something else. I actually expected him to ask more but he didn't seem to care about that topic anymore.

So there you have it. It's not as bad or uncomfortable as some of us envision it. I know not everyone thinks it will be but I know others do so I am here to reassure you it's not that bad. 

Now if he asks how the baby gets into Mommy's tummy I might be wondering how to explain that one for her age, ha! 



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