5 Easy Christmas Traditions

We are vastly approaching Christmas and I thought it would fun to share some Christmas traditions my family has done in the past and ones my husband and I do with our children. 

1. Yearly pictures. This is a tradition that is easy to do even with a cell phone camera. Taking the same picture every year is such a fun way to see how your children have changed from the previous years. One cute idea is to have them hold something (toy, book, movie, sport item) that was a big part of their life that year. If your child was in a certain sport they could wear their uniform or hold a trophy. If they loved Mickey Mouse include him in the picture too. It is a cute way to remember what they were in love with.

2. Bake off. When I was little my sister and I would go to my Grandma's before Christmas and spend the day baking and decorating sugar cookies. We would make them from scratch and be covered in flour by the end of the day. I think this might be one of my favorite memories of my Grandma. To this day I still wish I had the huge wood board she used to roll the dough on. Now I am not the best from scratch kind of baker but it is still fun to get in the kitchen with my kids and have them help me bake cookies and decorate them.
3. Yearly Ornaments. Every year Branden and I like to get the kids a new ornament. I like to pick out something that has some kind of significance for that year. When I was pregnant with Ace I got a snowman couple and the girl one was pregnant. We also will get ones when we go on vacation. I love having ornaments that have meaning behind them. I remember as a little girl looking at all the ornaments on our tree and the ones that were my favorites were hand made, from a special trip or I was with my Mom when she bought it. It's a nice way to look back on past memories.
4. Christmas morning breakfast. Since I work Monday through Friday I rarely get to eat breakfast with the kids. On weekends they all get up at different times and that means not eating together as a family. I think having a special Christmas morning breakfast is another way to add a nice memory to your children's lives. You can also have a special Christmas breakfast that you don't normally have any other time of the year. For us it can be as simple as cinnamon rolls.
5. Looking at Lights. This one is probably so obvious but with all the chaos of getting things done for Christmas it can take a back seat. I like to pick a night to get all dressed in PJs and take the kids to look at lights. We have a church that does smokes, lights and "snow". It is so much fun for us and the kids. I also love going through the Chick-fil-A drive through and getting them peppermint milkshakes. It's Florida so milkshakes are totally appropriate for winter here! 



  1. I love the idea of getting a new ornament every year that represents that year!


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