Review: Feeding Baby with the #BabyNes Machine!

Many thanks to Gerber® BabyNes® for sponsoring today’s story.
When my girls turned one we moved from formula to whole milk and almond milk. I had no idea there was a formula for toddlers from Gerber. Now with the BabyNes Machine you can easily feed your busy toddlers with just a touch of a button and it is ready in less than a minute!
I was lucky enough to try this incredible machine out and was instantly wishing I had it when my girls were babies. With all the craziness of getting two bottles ready it would have been so cool to be able to carry around my two crazy girls and just have a machine make a quick bottle for me. It is the perfect temperature and doesn't require any shaking to make sure it is fully mixed. I truly think this is a must have for any new Mom especially ones with multiple babies. 

A nice feature is the BabyNes App. It helps you  keep track of how many bottles your baby has had, weight, breastfeeding and how many capsules you have left. You can also order capsules through the app. It also helps when you have two babies on two different formulas. This was the case for us with the girls. The formula is specific to their ages so Ashlyn is on the 25-36 month capsules and Everly is on the 13-24 months capsule. BabyNes was inspired by breast milks natural ability to change with your baby's needs. How incredible is that? It isn't a one size fits all, it is a specific formula for babies and toddlers. 
And you don't need the machine to use the capsules all the time. They can be used without it so no worries if you are on the go. 
Now all your new Mommies out there can add the BabyNes to your registry
Thank you Gerber for sending me the BabyNes to try out! 



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